3 Month Warranty

Bright Sparks offer a three [3] month warranty on all small electrical items except consumables. The Bright Sparks three [3] month warranty does not cover physical damage, water damage, and only covers software faults arising in the course of normal use.

All reported faulty items will be fully tested to verify the fault.  Should an item be found not to be defective you will be asked to collect it from our shop.  If however an item is found to be faulty and the fault arose out of normal use, warranty operates in the following order:

  1. We will attempt a repair
  2. If no repair can be made, we will seek to replace with an identical item
  3. If an identical item is not available, we will seek to replace with a similar item
  4. If no replacement can be issued, a refund will be given

Please note: Repairs can take up to 28 working days.