For Sale

When you purchase an item that has been used once before and is in good condition to use again – that’s RE-USE my friend!

At Bright Sparks, we sells re-used, clean furniture, bric-a-brac, books, clothes and refurbished and repaired electrical and electronic items.

Each electrical item has been carefully tested by a Bright Sparks qualified electrician to ensure it is in good working order when it is sold to you.

Our electrical products come with a 3 month warranty: Should your product develop a fault which was not caused by damage incurred by the user, Bright Sparks offer a three [3] month warranty from the date of purchase written on your receipt.

By choosing re-use you have saved the environment because of the carbon savings from buying a newly manufactured item plus the carbon cost of disposal. By choosing re-use you have also saved the money in your pocket because of the very good value re-use gives.

When you have finished with your new purchase, please don’t throw it away, instead bring it to Bright Sparks where we will use it again or at the very least send it for recycling.

We apologise – we do not have available the specific manufacturers manual of instructions to provide to you as these are generally not donated to us with the appliance.